Millions of Austrians and other Europeans are now gargling! Following a government initiative, aimed at long-term pandemic management, Viennese health authorities have launched a campaign ” Alles Gurgelt!” (“Everybody Gargle!”). What a united, sane strategy to halt COVID!

With historic precedents and fresh research on the power of oral hygiene in halting the infection and transmission of viruses, experts are reminding folks of a simple practice to save themselves and return life to normal. At 6 Euros a kit / 800,000 a day, so far, just think how much providone iodine, bicarbonate of soda, Listerine, Scope, hydrogen peroxide, colloidal silver, turmeric or whatever it is pharmacies are issuing, there must now be in gurgle, wiping out the dreaded disease in all its varieties.

BUT WAIT!!? Why are they gargling??!


Not to get rid of the virus but to see if you have it.

How can European health authorities get it so wrong? How can they be so on the brink of a sensible plan and miss it? Here you have millions of cooperative people swishing their mouths and throats, not to cleanse, but to collect more data for the insatiable COVID data bank. -Showing that the official response to the pandemic is ever about numbers and cases, and fear, rather than preventions and treatments, and health.- While swishing and spitting is infinitely less barbaric than ramming a stick up your nose, the process is a blatant reminder of where the potentially harmful virus may be lurking. For a certain number of days, in the mouth, nose and throat, it may be festering or diminishing depending on favourable or not conditions. The moment of opportunity!

Remind us: What is mass testing all about? What happens to those who are identified as “positive” (if these saliva tests are more reliable than the defamed PCR nasal pokes)? These days do we not consider catching Omicron inevitable, and for the unvaxxed an easy procurement of robust immunity? Is identifying unsick people as sick still considered useful? Are we still quarantining and contact tracing? For people with Covid-like symptoms are we not now educated on early simple treatments?  Who wants us to live in the perpetual state of angst of “who’s got it”?

The Lifebraindead Lab is missing the boat. Read the article yourself and wonder who benefits from this tax payers’ expenditure. But maybe they have got the bit about gargling right.

Everybody Gargle! Gargle-now for health! Alles Gurgelt!