Why don’t we teach children to gargle anymore?

What your great great grandmother did – that may have saved you.

Where, in fact might a virus of upper respiratory illness be found? In the mouth, throat and nasal passage of an infected person. This is the first stop where or body mounts a defence to clear it, and stop incubation. We can help.

Have you noticed we are disinfecting everything except the seat of infection. Today use all kinds of cleaning agents to disinfect a total environment. We spray counters, handles, doorknobs, the air. we wash our hands and our clothes. And we separate and isolate and mask, denying the body the natural opportunity to counter and create immunity.

Clipping location on Pittsburgh Weekly Gazette page  27

Boiling water for drinking purposes Is not the task so many seem to think. Boil a kettle full early in the morning- and after it has cooled pour in filter (if you possess one), then bottle. Boiled water, not filtered, is safe, though not so clear. If one has had experience with, typhoid they should prefer “prevention to the cure.” A preventive which we always keep in the bathroom Is a bottle of gargle: 1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda, 30 drops carbolic acid, 1 pint pure water. Children can be taught when very young to gargle after returning home from school, crowded car, or any public place.

CLIPPED FROMPittsburgh Weekly Gazette 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
29 May 1904, Sun  •  Page 27

Ladies Magazine (Newton, Kansas) · 1 Feb 1892, Mon · Page 5

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