New drugs and “vaccines” have systems set up to track their safety. Do they work?

Ontario, Canada, Public Health Ontario has an Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) form. Section #4 is COVID-19 ADVERSE EVENTS OF SPECIAL INTEREST, with a list of anticipated possible reactions based on the disease COVID-19. The list has been added to. Since the injections are based in a new technology, and they are still in Level III of trial, and not approved, it is impossible to predict or even recognize all adverse reactions that may happen. The UK site, for example, is listing many cases of blindness and eye injury, not shown here.

To note:

  • This form is not given out to vaccination recipients as part of “informed consent”.
  • Many doctors, nurses and pharmacists are unaware of the form and listed events.
  • When patients visit their doctor or emergency ward with an adverse reaction, they are typically not asked the question “Have you had a COVID-19 vaccine?” Establishing a link between illness and vaccine may not occur, and is unlikely to be reported.

The UK, Europe and USA have reporting systems that are somewhat more known to the public. Still, the American reporting system VAERS, is considered to represent only 1% – 10% or the actual data.

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