In the 1930 and 40’s gargling was a mainstay practice for stopping the spread of influenza among school children. Young ones were taught how to and lined up for gargling parades. Mothers taught their children early on how to gargle. The practice of gargling with hot water and baking soda was so successful during the Spanish Flu that bicarbonate of soda became know as a “proven medicinal agent” and gargling went mainstream. Coronaviruses and Influenza viruses have various vulnerabilities. They are pH dependant and require a slightly acidic environment to thrive. Hence the power of alkaline baking soda (pH 8.4). Other agents have also gained a reputation for deactivating a virus in the throat, as presented in

These pictures from England indicate cooperative and giggly, gargle events. This preventative strategy allowed staff and children to carry on routines without isolating and restrictive, fearful measures.

Children Gargling
5th December 1938: Children of Danygraig nursery school, Swansea, gargling as a precaution against flu in winter weather. (Photo by Reg Speller/Fox Photos/Getty Images)
Gargling Songsters
Children at Sneed Road school gargling as a defence against influenza. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)
UNITED KINGDOM – CIRCA 1935: Little schoolchildren gargling their throats as a precaution against the Influenza epidemic. England. Photograph. Around 1935. (Photo by Imagno/Getty Images)
 Leeds, Yorkshire, England. School Children Taught To Gargle To Fight Influenza 1932

We need help here! Does anyone remember gargle parades at school, or at any other establishment? What country ? What sort of date? What was the solution? Please post in comments!