Don’t get sick in quarantine!

While the regime forces are keen on implementing the worse health directives possible – 

Stay home: don’t exercise, avoid the sun, do nothing, and eat whatever – you need to take action to do better.

‘Since quarantine is associated with the interruption of the work routine, this could result in boredom. Boredom has been associated with a greater energy intake, as well as the consumption of higher quantities of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Further, during quarantine continuously hearing or reading about the pandemic without a break can be stressful. Consequently, the stress pushes people toward overeating, mostly looking for sugary “comfort foods”. ‘   

Take action and do better             

Eat right! Self educate!

If you are in the unfortunate situation of a quarantine, or home-binding restrictions, you must not let your health decline by slipping into poor habits.  Do better by upping your systems.   Use all this free time to get better informed about the big agenda.   Keep moving and insist on fresh air and Vitamin D sunshine.  Moreover, make sure you make provision to get fresh fruit and vegetables and ramp up your nutrition.   It is a perfect time to study natural systems of health, now that you are discovering that the present medical health system is out to lunch.  You can dig into what all those brilliant debunked and discredited wholistic doctors have been saying for years when you were too busy. Now that you know pharmaceutical companies prefer you sick, you can take charge and plant your herb garden, and start making alkaline drinks and potent smoothies.

If you are in quarantine and have brought with you some coronavirus, this is not the time to grant it 14 days to incubate. The above measures will mount a great defence. You should also look over at early treatments and up your game, to make this so-called severe respiratory infectious disease come to naught. Then after your hide away, you can reenter the world with a nice immunity.

The following helpful article was written March 2020, when we believed quarantine MEANT  2 weeks.   Sadly, the advice on good food in home confinement and restricted lifestyle, is still relevant.

Nutritional recommendations for COVID -19 Quarantine

And there is more help available at: the Pandemic Hotline